Imaging Mouse Brain Activity with Sculpted Light Using VIVO Multiphoton Scanned Temporal Focusing

3i is pleased to announce scanned temporal focusing (sTeFo) for the VIVO Multiphoton microscope system, which offers a sculpted light approach to ultrafast in vivo volumetric imaging of calcium activity in mice. Developed in the Alipasha Vaziri lab and published in Prevedel et al., Nature Methods, 2016, sTeFo can acquire individual signals from thousands of neurons at physiological rates by scanning a soma-sized 'sphere' across the volume rather than a diffraction-limited point. Built on an open platform, it can be used with many kinds of behavioral stimuli such as virtual reality.

Unlike other approaches to large-scale neuronal activity interrogation, which either make a priori assumptions about neuron locations or remove axial information altogether, sTeFo offers a truly volumetric, unbiased approach. In addition to sTeFo, the system also functions as a general purpose multiphoton microscope for diffraction-limited imaging using either dual-galvanometric or resonant scanning.

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