3i Super Resolution Spinning Disk Confocal with CSU-W1 SoRa Webinar - Apr 15 2020 10AM PDT | 11AM MDT | 1PM EDT

CSU-W1 SoRa is an easy-to-use super-resolution microscopy solution utilizing a dual Nipkow disk pair with microlenses on both the illuminating and pinhole disks. The resulting raw images have a 1.4x resolution improvement and with deconvolution one can achieve twice the resolution of raw spinning disk data. The high-speed benefits of spinning disk confocal are well established, with a maximum speed of 200fps, low photodamage compared to other super-resolution methods, and no limitation on dyes or fluors for sample labeling. SoRa is available for new systems as well as an upgrade for existing CSU-W1 systems.

Learn more here: https://www.intelligent-imaging.com/spinning-disk-confocal