Lattice LightSheet Webinar - May 26, 2020 3PM BST | 4PM CEST

First developed by Nobel Laureate Dr. Eric Betzig, the 3i Lattice LightSheet microscope is capable of imaging biological systems spanning four orders of magnitude in space and time. The system generates an optical lattice to create an ultra-thin light sheet to image biological samples over long periods of time and with very fine resolution. This allows for 4D living cell imaging, where experiments limited to seconds or minutes on other imaging platforms can be extended to hours or even days. The combination of high spatiotemporal resolution, imaging speed and sensitivity make Lattice LightSheet the ultimate imaging tool for a new era of living cell microscopy. Join this webinar to learn more about how Lattice LightSheet can be used in your experiments!

Featuring guest presenters Dr. Anne Straube and Dr. Till Bretschneider (The University of Warwick).

Learn more about Lattice LightSheet here: