Vector2 TIRF Motorized Spinning X,Y TIRF Webinar - Apr 22 2020 1PM BST | 2PM CEST

Fluorescence microscopy is a balance between light dose, resolution, signal-to-noise, and field of view. Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy uses an evanescent wave of energy immediately adjacent to the coverslip to excite fluorophores in the specimen. The excitation occurs about 100nm from the coverslip, which is perfect for live cell imaging including focal adhesions, membrane dynamics, receptor function and single-molecule in vitro imaging. TIRF requires placing a narrowly focused beam at the edge of the back focal plane of an objective with NA greater than 1.38 and typically has some shadowing and direction-related artifact in the resulting evanescent wave illumination. Spinning the beam via galvo mirrors around the periphery of the back focal plane at high-speed averages out any artifacts and results in smooth, evenly illuminated images. Join this webinar to learn more about how Vector2 TIRF can be used in your experiments!

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