Marianas LightSheet_ Selective Plane Illumination with Isotropic Resolution Webinar - May 15, 2020 10AM AEST

Marianas LightSheet™ merges the low phototoxicity and large specimen handling of dual inverted selective plane illumination (diSPIM) with the power and flexibility of a live-cell microscope system. diSPIM technology enables rapid 3D imaging of samples with isotropic resolution ranging from single cells to small organisms over the course of hours to days. Unlike capillary-based light sheet methods, diSPIM allows for standard specimen preparation in standard dishes in standard media. Combined with spinning disk confocal, TIRF, and photomanipulation, Marianas LightSheet is a powerful live-cell imaging workstation. SlideBook™ hardware and software integration seamlessly manages acquisition, alignment, deconvolution and rendering. Join this webinar to learn more about how Marianas LightSheet can be used in your experiments!

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